Join Our Program

Why do Insurance Providers want to be a part of ART’s program?

Insurance providers, we invite you to join a revolutionary program that will enhance your client offerings and streamline your claims process. Here’s why partnering with ART is a strategic move for your business:

1. Streamlined Claims Process

ART’s program expedites claim resolution, allowing you to offer a swift and efficient service to your clients.

2. Cost-Effective

By mitigating the risk of inflated repair costs and fraud, ART benefits both you and your clients. 

3. Quality Control

With ART, you gain access to a network of certified contractors, ensuring high-quality repairs and replacements that align with your standards. 

4. Customer Satisfaction

Enhance your brand reputation by providing a concierge level of service that supports policyholders throughout the repair process. 

5. Innovation and Digitalization

ART prioritizes a digitalized, data-driven approach to property loss recovery, setting you apart in a competitive market. 

Join ART’s program and be part of a future where insurance providers are recognized for their commitment to the complete restoration and well-being of their clients’ properties.