RoofGrid: Lift Your Roof Assessment Practices to New Heights with expert guidance from ART

Assessment Services

Maintenance Guidance

Features construction specifics, photos, blueprints, inspection notes, core samples, and lab reports to prevent leaks and water damage.

Replacement Solutions

Offers analysis comparing modified bitumen, metal, and eco-efficient roofing tailored to your specific needs.


Prioritize roofing requirements, enabling you to increase facility uptime through proactive preventive maintenance.

Maintenance Tracking

Maintains comprehensive records of all repairs, updates, and replacements conducted, enabling precise tracking and evaluation.

Warranty Management

Implements strict monitoring of supplier commitments, reducing risks associated with overlooked maintenance or documentation errors.

Cost Evaluation over Time

Evaluates both the lifecycle expenses and energy efficiency savings of different roofing options, aiding in the assessment of their financial and environmental value.

Aerial view of a large industrial warehouse with premium roofing services, featuring skylights and parked trucks nearby.

Optimize Your Roofing Decisions

RoofGrid's Personalized Analysis and Versatile Report Access

Advanced Roofing Technologies RoofGrid assessment begins with a comprehensive site inspection conducted by your local ART representative. Utilizing the collected data, RoofGrid analyzes and generates detailed reports tailored to your unique requirements, expectations, and budgetary constraints. You have the flexibility to choose the most convenient format for your needs—opt for hard copies ideal for meeting presentations or select the online option for efficient real-time sharing with employees or associates, regardless of their location.

This adaptability ensures that you can access and distribute critical roofing information in the manner that best supports your business operations.

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