Insurance Transparency

ART’s partnership with insurance providers is beneficial for clients for several reasons:

1. Risk Mitigation

Insurance partnerships can help protect businesses from unforeseen events and financial losses, ensuring stability and continuity. 

2. Cost Savings

By negotiating with insurance providers, ART can secure competitive rates and discounts, translating into lower costs for clients. 

3. Quality Assurance

Insurance providers have strict guidelines for claims handling. ART’s high standards meet or exceed these requirements. 

4. Streamlined Processes

ART’s collaboration with insurance companies, owners and contractors provides a high level of efficiency in the claims processing lifespan. 

5. Expert Support

Clients gain access to a network of vetted professionals, ensuring that they receive expert advice and service. 

6. Financial Security

The escrow payment system ensures that funds are secure and that contractors are paid promptly, which is reassuring for clients. 

Overall, ART’s partnership with insurance providers is designed to offer clients peace of mind, financial benefits, and assurance of quality service.