Why Choose Us?

What makes ART better than your local or large roofer?

Choosing Advanced Roofing Technologies (ART) for your national account offers a multitude of advantages over local roofing options, particularly for clients managing multiple properties. Here’s why ART stands out:

National Reach, Local Expertise

ART’s nationwide network of third-party certified contractors means you get the best of both worlds—national coverage with local expertise. This ensures consistent quality and service across all your properties, no matter their location.

Comprehensive Vetting Process

Unlike local roofers, ART contractors undergo a thorough vetting process by an independent risk management company, covering insurance, business management, contracts, and licensing. This guarantees a higher standard of accountability and professionalism.

Ethics Committee Oversight

An Ethics Committee of industry professionals ensures parity and fairness in all dealings, providing an additional layer of trust and integrity that local roofers may not offer.

Strong Industry Partnerships

ART’s relationships with industry giants afford you preferential service, expedited delivery, enhanced warranties, and savings that local roofers can’t match.

Financial Security

The third-party escrow payment system protects your investments, ensuring savings for general contractors and guaranteed payment for labor and materials.

Tailored Solutions

ART’s managed repair program is customizable to address the unique challenges of each property, providing a level of service that goes beyond what a local roofer can provide.

Dedicated Support

With ART, you have a dedicated team focused on managing your entire account’s roofing needs efficiently and effectively, ensuring each property is adequately serviced.

By partnering with ART, you’re not just hiring a roofer; you’re investing in a comprehensive roofing management solution that delivers peace of mind, consistency, and superior value for your entire portfolio.

Let ART handle the complexities of roofing so you can focus on what you do best—managing your properties.