We use a 3rd party vendor to vet our Contractors. This is not the typical review of an Additional Insured Certificate and the ordinary verifications such as workers compensations. Each Contractor is analyzed individually and scored based on an extensive list of CONTRACTOR CRITERIA that includes items such as their past projects, safety record and safety control procedures.

Their overall “SCORE” is how they are qualified and reexamined each year on the annual insurance renewal date. We use our own standardized contracts that coordinate with the individual state laws that take the guesswork out and then are tailored to the specific project. Our contractors are the crème and ready to work without delays or any hold-ups due to waiting on insurance or contracts, it’s all been handled up front.


By using our 3rd party validation system including suppliers, manufactures, and our partners at IINK, we ensure a greater amount of qualified contractors available for large loss claims. All of the contractors in our network will be rated at the highest level with material installation and will pass our ETHICS CRITERIA set forth by our ethics Cube.

We also train our commercial contractors in the network via the COMMERCIAL ROOFING ACADEMY. Started by Paul Reed in 2020, the commercial Roofing academy teaches contractors how to properly run a successful commercial roofing division in their company. Paul and Eric are both instructors in the academy.